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Today’s Craving January 29, 2008

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Peavler Spinach Dip. With pumpernickel bread. Seriously, it’s the best thing ever. It’s so easy and perfect to take to a party (like a Super Bowl Party!) at the last minute. Here’s the recipe:

1 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed with juices squeezed out
1 packet Hidden Valley original ranch dressing mix
1 cup Hellman’s mayonnaise
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup sour cream
Optional: 1 can water chestnuts, chopped (for a little crunch!)

Mix it all together. Serve with pumpernickel bread, either as bread bowl with chunks on the side for dipping, or in pieces around the cute little ceramic bowl you put the dip in. (Say, for example, you have the fiesta chip and dip set from Crate and Barrel — Christine).

Now, my challenge to you is to just try and walk away from it. I bet you can’t do it. 🙂


Gender Poll Update 2.0 January 27, 2008

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Here are the latest results in the GP. Thanks to all who have voted so far. And for those of you lurkers who haven’t yet put in your two cents — get on it! Are you waiting for money to be involved? A friendly office pool, perhaps? I suppose those who vote for a boy are hoping they can split the pool since there are SO FEW OF YOU WHO THINK IT’S A BOY! 🙂

Girl 8 (66.7%)
Boy 3 (25%)
Baby 1 (8.3%)

The girls have the most delegates at this point, and so will have greater representation on Labor Day (not to be confused with the national holiday of the same name.)


All the Better to Blackmail Me With…

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Since many of you requested it, against my better judgment, I am sharing a photo of The Belly with you and the internet world. (It really needs a name of its own, given that it is getting huger by the week. I can’t imagine what May photos will look like!)


A Little Help For Our Friends January 24, 2008

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I saw this website on a friend’s blog and thought it looked cool. It’s a place where people (like us) can give money to people all over the world (through a financial institution) as a start-up loan for a small business. It’s a way to help people get on their feet in a new venture. For example, there are three women who have started to sell guinea pigs in Peru (apparently they are a delicacy there) and need $800 for supplies and a few guinea pigs to breed. You could give them a little microloan to help (of $25 or more), then get updates on their progress. Eventually all of your money is repaid to you, then you can reloan it to someone else through the program or withdraw your funds and get it all back.

I think it sounds very cool. And $25 is like going to a movie and getting popcorn. Check it out if you have time.


It Does a Body Good

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Never have I had such a love affair with milk as I do during this pregnancy. I mean, I drink it. On purpose. Not in small amounts with cereal (although I do that too) or slugging a cup of it after dunking a cookie. I just look forward to a glass of cold, organic skim milk.

I feel like a good Wisconsin farm girl.


Today’s Appointment January 22, 2008

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All continues to be well. I was all nervous going in today (and my BP showed it!) because I started having this sharp pain in my lower abdomen yesterday that didn’t resolve with sitting or lying down. “Crap!” I thought, “I’ve made it this far and now something’s wrong??” Apparently, I win the award for Little Miss Pessimism 2008, because all it is is a pinched nerve that will actually get better as my uterus gets bigger. One of the advantages of becoming huge, I guess!

I’ll have another appointment in two weeks, which will be my last cervical ultrasound (at 24 weeks). After that, it will just be check-ups every two weeks until the due date. It’s like a mini graduation!


Gender Poll Update January 21, 2008

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Here are the results so far in the Greensburg Gender Caucuses. (I hate the word ‘caucus’, by the way. It reminds me of the part in “Alice in Wonderland” where they are doing to The Caucus Race.)

Girl 5
Boy 2
Baby 1

I know there are more of you out there that have not yet participated in the voting. So, please do your civic duty (consider it practice for the presidential race) and cast your vote in the comments section today!