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Why “The Little Sunfish?” January 4, 2008

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You may be wondering, where did we come up with the name for this site? Well, it all started back in the first trimester… when I was sick all the time. I had evening sickness. I’d be fine all day (except during toothbrushing!) and then in the evening, all bets were off. I had a red plastic bucket that I carried around with me, just in case the mood struck to gag a little. At first, Rob was so concerned: “Can I get you a drink of water? A cool cloth? Hold your hair back?” Then after it became very apparent that I wasn’t so much throwing up as just making horrible gagging noises, he became more of a cheerleader: “Come on! You can do it — fill that bucket! Let’s go!” It became a joke — all the drama and none of the “reward.”

But I bet you’re still wondering where the sunfish part of things come in. Rob says that I look like a little sunny when I gag — tongue slightly out, lips pushed out in a fishy sort of way. And so the baby became known as the Little Sunfish, or Sunny for short.

So there you have it. A method to the madness.

And, let me say, I am soooooo happy to be done with the Sunfish face. Yeah second trimester!!


One Response to “Why “The Little Sunfish?””

  1. Rob Says:

    Tomorrow is the start of week 19 for Sunny. I can’t believe we’re almost half way through the process. My mind is starting to race with thoughts like, “what do we need to pack to take to the hospital?” and “when am I going to paint Sunny’s room?” It’s so cool to see Kristin starting to really show being pregnant and now I just want to feel the little sunfish move around. All the books say that I should be able to feel him/her in the next couple of weeks. Best wishes for a great start to 2008 for everyone!

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