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FAS Results January 7, 2008

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Well, it’s official — we have the cutest baby ever!  🙂  We spent a little over an hour this morning watching our very obstinate baby not turn toward the ultrasound wand to have its picture taken.  (Is this a foretaste of the toddler to come??)  What was supposed to be a 30-45 minute scan morphed into the extended version when Baby wouldn’t flip over to have its heart measured.  The tech kept laughing and wiggling the wand trying to get the baby to turn around — to no avail!  I had to get up and walk around, go to the bathroom, and lie on my side to try to get the baby to flip.  It finally worked and we were able to see four perfect heart chambers.  

All in all, the preliminary report confirmed that we have a perfectly healthy baby.  There is a nose and lips with no clefts, the arms and legs measured at 20.1 weeks gestation (an advanced baby!), the brain had all its ventricles, the heartbeat was 136 (“Boy!”, says Rob.  “Girl!” says Kristin.), the little feet were so cute — complete with toes, and all the organs are in the abdominal cavity right where they belong.  What a good baby! 

I’m sure you’re all wondering — did we find out the sex??  No, we didn’t, though not for lack of campaigning on Rob’s part.  He even tried the old, “Well, it’s campaigning season right now, what with the presidential primaries” tactic — but to no avail.  I held out, stayed strong, and didn’t waver.  Rob and I both had a fleeting glimpse of what we thought might have been boy-type material, but upon further review and thought, it may have been a foot.  The baby was wiggling around a lot at that point, and we are definitely not savvy in the way of reading ultrasounds!  The tech graciously did not give any clues either way.There is indeed a video of the whole event, including a segment where the baby opens and closes its mouth a few times in perfect profile.  It was so cute.  We haven’t watched it yet, but will tonight after I am back from class.  And we have little profile pictures, detailing a little nose and mouth, with little hands tucked up under the (Erickson?) chin. I’ll get a picture up here as soon as I get it into the computer, so you can see the little munchkin.  So cute!  

(P.S.  The appointment with Dr. Simhan’s office was just fine.  My cervix continues to stay closed and is doing its job quite nicely.  There are no issues to report on that front.  Woo hoo!) 


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  1. G/G Peavler Says:

    What truly wonderful news to know that your tiny one is developing normally, all parts accounted for. We thank you for taking such good care of yourselves, and say a deep prayer of gratitude for this pregnancy. We love you, Rob, Kristin, and Sunny.

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