One Fish, Two Fish

Tomorrow… January 7, 2008

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Tomorrow, Monday January 7 is the big Fetal Anatomy Scan.  It’s a long ultrasound where they check to make sure the baby has all the parts it needs, like four chambers in the heart, all of the vertebrae in the spine, two arms and legs, etc.  It starts at 8:30 a.m., followed by a regular appointment at 10:30 with Dr. Simhan.  (He is the high-risk OB/Gyn who is managing my care.)  Hopefully, we’ll get the results of the FAS at the 10:30 appointment.  I hate to wait!  I think the best part about this long ultrasound is that we get a video of it!  We’re bringing in a blank tape to record the ultrasound for the duration of the 45 minutes.  What a great memento of the pregnancy to have a video of little baby movements in the uterus.  Granted, it will be a little grainy (ha!), but it will be awesome to have. I’ll let you know what we find out tomorrow afternoon when I get home. 


2 Responses to “Tomorrow…”

  1. Brother Rich Says:

    Good luck with the appointments tomorrow, guys. The “little sunfish” (interesting story, but I’m glad I’ve already had my dinner) is lucky to have two wonderful parents-in-waiting!

  2. G/G Peavler Says:

    We’re in! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings at this oh, so exciting time of life! We’re glad to have a name for little Sunny. Couldn’t have come on a better day; it’s gray and rainy and the only good snow on the back hill is the sled path. We’ll be looking forward to the Dr. reports, and we’re sending our love to you 3!

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