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Izze — the fruit-in-a-bottle beverage January 15, 2008

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I get so sick of drinking water! I’ve found that if I drink it through a straw, it’s more appealing — especially if it’s a bendy straw. 🙂 And if I add lemon slices, that helps, too. But sometimes you just need a change of beverage. Something that has a little flavor, a little something to spice up the routine.

Enter Izze. Izze drinks are 100% fruit juice with sparkling water. They’re considered a serving of fruit per bottle — a perfect change from the water routine! I’d recommend the clementine and grapefruit varieties. Pomegranate is good, too, but definitely second to the other two.

And the Izze corporation strives to give back to their community by participating in the Global Education Fund, encouraging literacy by providing books and educational opportunities to those in need. Plus, they donate Izze sparkling juice to nonprofit and artistic events in the community.

Doesn’t that make you want to support them? Find it in your local supermarket’s organic section today!


4 Responses to “Izze — the fruit-in-a-bottle beverage”

  1. sara Says:

    i love! izze. it’s fabulous. and while it will be a long time until you can enjoy them, i have a friend who likes to make cocktails with izze and vodka. (i’m sorry if it’s mean to leave vodka related comments on a pregnant parent’s blog =)

    and thanks for all the updates…. i hope that you are feeling good!

  2. Mom Says:

    I tried the tangerine and it really is delicious. Great find, Rob!

  3. abigail Says:

    i don’t know if you go back in time and read comments way past the original post date, but I JUST started drinking this izze beverage of which you speak… they have it in the vending machines at school for $2. soda is $1.30. I think the izze is worth the extra seventy cents, and yes, the grapefruit is amazing.

  4. leighnut Says:

    I totally agree. Grapefruit is my fave. I’m glad your school has the vending machines! It’s such a great alternative to pop — unless you’re just craving a Diet Coke, then there’s nothing you can do.

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