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A Little Help For Our Friends January 24, 2008

Filed under: Random Acts of Kindness — leighnut @ 3:03 pm


I saw this website on a friend’s blog and thought it looked cool. It’s a place where people (like us) can give money to people all over the world (through a financial institution) as a start-up loan for a small business. It’s a way to help people get on their feet in a new venture. For example, there are three women who have started to sell guinea pigs in Peru (apparently they are a delicacy there) and need $800 for supplies and a few guinea pigs to breed. You could give them a little microloan to help (of $25 or more), then get updates on their progress. Eventually all of your money is repaid to you, then you can reloan it to someone else through the program or withdraw your funds and get it all back.

I think it sounds very cool. And $25 is like going to a movie and getting popcorn. Check it out if you have time.


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