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Bye Mom! February 10, 2008

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We had fun — lots of it. We hung out, as planned. Crafted a little, as planned — found a little time every day to work on the projects we have going. Shopped a little, as planned. It was a successful visit.

Friday, we went to Ligonier, a little town about 30 minutes from Greensburg, that is very cute. It was settled in the late 1700’s by French soldiers and has the original town square with shops all around. We revisited favorite shops (the knitting store and G-Squared, a store filled with arty stuff, like Simon Pearce glass) and found a new one that was actually very cool. It’s a celtic store that I’ve always skipped (in honor of my Scandinavian heritage, perhaps?), but we went in and found that it has the most beautiful pottery by Nicholas Mosse. The guy who owns it is really nice, too. Very helpful without being overbearing — a wonderful combination. But the best part is that we had lunch at a little out of the way diner that had The Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip You’ve Ever Imagined In Your Whole Life. It was delightful. I promised Rob that I would take him there sometime soon, since he missed it.

On Saturday, we went into Shadyside, a cute little neighborhood in Pittsburgh. It has little boutiques and restaurants, in addition to some clothing store staples like the Gap and Banana Republic. Our goal was to get to the baby store that has really really cute, albeit expensive, baby clothes. We spent our time there oohing and ahhing and not buying anything, because I am stubborn and won’t find out the sex of the baby before May. 🙂 We did, however, do some damage at the maternity store in Squirrel Hill, another nearby Pittsburgh neighborhood. I got some cute clothes — woo hoo! And finally, we met Rob at Babies R’ Us and looked at all the stuff that babies need, parents want, and marketing departments help you believe you need. We left with a crib mattress (firm!), mattress pad (waterproof!), one crib sheet (white!), an organic green thermal receiving blanket (soft!), and two little layette outfits (neutral colors!) in size 0-3 months to increase our supply of baby clothes.

Sunday was spent at home, hanging out, staying in jammies until we absolutely had to shower to go to the airport. It was a tearful goodbye (on my part — stupid hormones) and off she went to the check-in counter.

It is so weird to think that the next time I see Mom, I will (nearly) be a mom myself. Thanks, Mom, for being the best role model ever. I love you!


2 Responses to “Bye Mom!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Now it’s my turn for a few tears. Stupid hormones for me, too. The greatest joy of my life is being a mom. And, to witness you becoming a mom is an indescribable feeling. You and Rob are going to be great parents!

    Thanks for a wonderful visit and I’ll be seeing you very soon.

    I love you more!

  2. Becky Lindell Says:

    Oh you two!! Here I sit at work keeping up with Little Sunny’s life and the tears are pooling in my eyes!! (Definitely NOT hormones for me as mine are ALL used up, I am sure!)

    I agree, Motherhood and Grandmotherhood, are the best things to happen to me–EVER!! I am sitting here on pins and needles with Baby Boy Woody arriving any MINUTE. The doctor told Sara this morning that she “would not make her appointment next Tuesday–that she is as “ready” as any woman could be. We have snow and wind coming this afternoon–lasting until Thursday. Should I go tonight or not?? If I go too early, I will have fewer days to stay after they come home!! Such a dilemma–I think I should just retire TODAY!! Work is getting in the way of my lifestyle…

    Take care family!!

    Love, Becky (Stacey’s Mom)

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