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Snow… Snow… Snow! February 12, 2008

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It is finally winter in Pennsylvania. It has been snowing all day. Big flakes. Rob’s classes have been cancelled for the afternoon, so he will be on his way home shortly.

One week ago, it was 60 degrees. Weather here is weird!


2 Responses to “Snow… Snow… Snow!”

  1. Rob Says:

    People in Wisconsin and Michigan would laugh out loud if they saw the kind of weather out here that causes a University to shut down. This snow would hardly make the evening news in the midwest but out here everyone stays home! It’s no wonder we get more done around the Great Lakes with our midwestern work ethic!

  2. G/G Peavler Says:

    Yay, Rob, good for you! But do keep a careful eye on those PA hills and curves! I remember Grandpa telling Dad “You have very precious cargo now….”

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