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SF Recap March 17, 2008

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Our trip to San Francisco was wonderful. Here are a few highlights:

(1) Rob sang a great concert at the Climate Theatre in the city. It was sold out to a standing room only crowd.
(2) Lots of baby time with Evie, the 3-month-old who puked on me. We learned we can calm a colicky baby. Always a good thing to know. Rob changed a diaper or two, I changed a few more, and we both rocked her a lot.
(3) Lots of time with Ella, the four-year-old big sister, who is in full princess mode. Example: putting her hair in a bun at the top of her head is actually called a “princess poof,” usually accompanied by a princess dress or at the very least pink from head to toe. She and I actually spent an entire afternoon talking in fake British accents — and she started it!
(4) Fun times with Scott and Alissa, parents of the children mentioned above.
(5) Alcatraz. The audio tour is the best thing about it. And I took the tram to the top, since the hill up to the prison was steeper than I remembered.
(6) The beginning of Braxton-Hicks contractions. These are completely normal and considered “practice” for the uterine muscle. Not very painful, more on the annoying side.
(7) Union Square. Shopping central in San Francisco. You can find everything from the Gap to Prada and anything you can imagine in between. I got a couple new maternity t-shirts, Baby got a cute little onesie (3-6 month) and a newborn gown. I also visited the Trish McEvoy makeup counter and did a little damage there. I bought a new makeup page for my planner. Awesome.
(8) Haight-Ashbury. The hippie area of the city. Lots of great people-watching there! I was so disappointed that no one offered me any drugs. Rob did a bit of damage at the best used CD store ever in the world, called “Amoeba.” And they graciously let me use their bathroom, which was clearly marked with a fluorescent yellow sign reading, “NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS.” I must have given the guy at the information desk a pretty desperate look.
(9) Movies! We saw “There Will Be Blood” and “Horton Hears a Who.” Could we have chosen more different selections? I don’t think so.
(10) I knit a baby hat. It’s totally cute. Pictures to follow.
(11) Rain. Only one day for a short period of time. I think we were really lucky with the beautiful weather the entire time we were there.
(12) While it rained, we visited the DeYoung museum in Golden Gate Park. It’s an art museum that has everything from African art to photography, with some 19th and 20th century stuff thrown in. They had a special flower exhibit going on at the time, which was very very cool. Local floral designers chose a piece of art in the museum and did a floral arrangement related to it. For example, there was a 19th century portrait of a woman wearing a white dress with a yellow corsage pinned to the center of her dress. It was actually a rather boring painting. But the florist took that yellow corsage detail and made a huge explosion of yellow flowers from that tiny little detail. The flowers, in most cases, really enhanced the art it was paired with, making you look at the painting or sculpture in a different way. Awesome.
(13) Public transportation. Cable cars, street cars, and buses. By the end of our time in the city, both Rob and I felt like we could successfully navigate the downtown transportation options. And every time I got on a vehicle of any sort, someone would jump up and give me their seat. It was very nice.

So those are the highlights of the trip. It was a really fun, really long vacation — and it was really nice to have this last no-baby vacation together.

I am glad to be home. Especially to sleep in my own bed. There’s something about your own bed and your own pillow that makes the sleeping so much better.


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