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Room 2708 March 20, 2008

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Hi everyone,

I am writing this post from my new temporary home away from home. I am staying in the hospital another night or two for continued monitoring of my BP. Everything has been going really well, in the sense that my pressures have stayed the same and not gotten any higher. I also lost two pounds of water weight from Monday to Wednesday that had collected over the last couple of weeks. I think that I’ve lost even more than that because I feel like I look more normal than I did. Oh and my cankles are gone, which is lovely!

The hospital stay is standard here for a new diagnosis of preeclampsia that shows up so early. Usually, it doesn’t rear its ugly head until much closer to the delivery date, which is why the doctors want to be more cautious. I also learned today that this hospital is one of the leaders in preeclampsia research and set the national standard of care for that area. How cool is that? It’s amazing that we’re living here and having all of this happen. Everything does happen for a reason.

So, the plan. The new plan. I will stay here another night, reevaluate in the morning and either go home or stay another night. I am very appreciative of how thorough and careful the doctors are being. I am all about being better safe than sorry! Not too long ago, women with preeclampsia were hospitalized on bedrest until delivery. If that happens, I am so all about the craft projects. They will have to get me a decorative shelf to show off all the little baby things I will knit. So really, they should just send me home. 🙂

Follow-up involves visits to the clinic twice a week for bloodwork, ultrasounds and nonstress tests once a week to make sure the baby continues tolerating everything well, and blood pressure checks at home. I will not be able to leave the house except for doctor’s appointments, so I’ll just tool around the house doing homework, crafting, and watching too many reality TV shows. And going out onto the porch every day for fresh air. 🙂

So, all is well. I feel good, the baby is fine (huge, but fine), and we just have to deal with this little bump in the road.

I’ll post more updates as they come.


3 Responses to “Room 2708”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Hey!! Thanks for the update. I am happy to hear that they are taking such good care off you guys, and hopefully this bump in the road will lead you home until at least May 10th and then you can have your (huge) baby. Keep us posted. Love you!!!

  2. Karen Says:

    Hey Kristin, Now you hang in there and be a good patient. I have heard that nurses make the worsest patients. LOL. As always, thinking of you and that baby. Karen

  3. RoseT Says:

    Thanks for the update Kristin. It’s good to hear things are going well. I’m thinking about you 3000 miles away!

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