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Plan for Today March 21, 2008

Filed under: Baby,Doctor-rama,Hospital Life,Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 9:13 am

Wait. Wait. And wait a little more! I talked with the general OB team attending this morning and the plan is to wait for the high risk group to come and see me and decide whether or not I can go home. There was some talk about going on some blood pressure medication to get to week 37 wihtout any progression of the BPs, but I have to wait for the high risk team to talk about that, since they are the ones who would make that decision. I did say that, with the exception of the nonstress tests, I can do all of this at home, and she said that because I am a nurse, they have no worries that I will be noncompliant and be very on top of things at home, which could buy me a ticket out of here. She also said that the high risk team is more liberal in sending people in my situation home than the general team, which also swings in my favor. So keep all of your fingers crossed that today is the day!

I will have another nonstress test today to make sure the baby is still happy, and for every day that I am here. All that entails is hooking me up to a fetal monitor and watching for three accelerations in a 20 minute period. Accelerations are where the baby’s heart rate goes from, say, 120 to 140 and then back down. It’s a sign for a happy baby. Baby passed in about six minutes yesterday, but I had to be hooked up for the full 20 minutes. The monitors leave what look like crop circles on my belly. It’s like I’m from the movie “Signs.” Remember that M. Night Shyamalan flick from the 90’s?

So, here I am, hanging out. If I had any knitting stuff, I would totally get, like, three baby hats done today!


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