One Fish, Two Fish

Diuresis Cha Cha Cha! March 23, 2008

Filed under: Hospital Life,Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 10:01 pm

The amazing thing about being on bedrest is that I am no longer the swollen tick I was a week ago. Seriously, think of the image: a big, pasty white swollen tick barely able to move with the little limbs flailing about. That was me. I have lost ten pounds since Monday. Isn’t that incredible?!? I forgot what my body was supposed to look like. I no longer feel like I am going to pop. I marvel at the bones in my hands and feet. I see the bicep line in my upper arm again. My eyes have returned. I have cheekbones again! It’s awesome.

So there’s one good thing about this newest experience!


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