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Camel March 24, 2008

Filed under: Hospital Life,Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 4:43 pm

I had the funniest conversation with my PCT (patient care technician a.k.a. nursing assistant) today. I called out for more ice water and toilet paper. She came back with the toilet paper and some ice. I thanked her for the TP and asked if she could fill both of my water pitchers. She said, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard about you!”

K: Really? Are they talking about me out there?
PCT: Yeah, they told me you drink TONS of water!
K: I’m kind of a camel that way.
PCT: Yeah, you definitely drink more water than anyone else here.

So, I think that I need to get a picture of a camel and hang it in my room somewhere.


3 Responses to “Camel”

  1. Becky Lindell Says:

    Dear Kristin,

    I am sorry that things have been so CRAZY for you and Rob with this pregnancy! But, the end result will be SO worth all of the effort and frustration. There is nothing like a beautiful baby to put all things into perspective! My little Braden Michael, four weeks old, was at my home for Easter. What a miracle they are and how quickly they change–it is really something. Take care of yourself–breathe deeply and think good thoughts! The time will go quickly. I want the pattern for that cute baby cap. I am knitting a blanket for Braden’s June 1st baptism. It is fun to do… I enjoy reading your comments. You are quite a writer! Can you be a writing, singing nurse?? To be any less would be a waste of talent! Thinking of you…hugs and kisses to you and Baby Sunny!!

    Becky (Stacey’s Mom)

  2. leighnut Says:

    Thanks for your good thoughts. It’s all going to be fine, whatever happens. I talked to Stacey last weekend and she said that you would all be together for the Easter weekend — I bet it was so fun! I can’t believe Braden is already four weeks old. It’s amazing how quickly time flies…

    Here’s one of the hats I have my eye on:

    You could do this in a yarn that is more masculine than what is pictured. The other one is definitely a girl hat. If I end up having a boy, then I will give it away or keep it for the next one.

  3. leighnut Says:

    P.S. The second hat will be without the flower. I think it looks cuter without it! 🙂

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