One Fish, Two Fish

Eyelashes March 26, 2008

Baby has Rob’s long eyelashes. And the Erickson chin! You may be wondering how I know this. Well, I have eight 3D ultrasound pictures of a beautiful baby! I went down for my regular Wednesday ultrasound, and the tech was doing her thing. She asked if anyone had done a 3D ultrasound yet. I said no. She said ok and continued doing her measurements. Then she jumped up and said, “I’ll be right back. I’m going to get the 3D probe.” When she came back she started taking pictures of the baby’s face in 3D. It was incredible. One of the pictures shows the baby with the Elvis curled lip. Pete, that one’s for you! 🙂 The tech said, “You know, most of the babies don’t look this cute. I just can’t stop taking pictures!” So. We have a cute baby. Oh, you’ll all be proud to know that I didn’t even cry while seeing the images. I am all about Zen blood pressures. 🙂

Rob brought in the cutest little preemie sleeper outfit last night. It’s light green with little frogs on it with footies that are shaped like frog faces. I have it hanging on the hook in my room. Everyone who’s come in the door today has beelined to it and commented on how cute it is. Good shopping, Rob!


2 Responses to “Eyelashes”

  1. Way to go, Rob! How fun to have pictures and 3D – that’s way cool! Enjoy looking at them while Zen-ing! Are you doing slow, meditative breathing now and then? I imagine that might help. Breath prayers are also good for calming and feeling peaceful.
    Have a Zen day!

  2. leighnut Says:

    I do the slow breathing a few times a day. If it doesn’t help the pressures, it sure is a nice relaxation technique for me!

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