One Fish, Two Fish

Uncooperative March 29, 2008

Rob is here all day. Woo hoo! He went with me to my regularly scheduled ultrasound today to see the baby and get more 3D pictures, because now 2D is just so unsatisfying. The baby would not flip around to show his/her face. Bad baby! We do have a cute picture of little hands, which is nice, but I was so disappointed that Rob didn’t get to see the face magically appear. The good news is that the baby passed the BPP (Biophysical Profile) with flying colors once again. Good baby!

We’ve had a very sleepy day today. Slept until 11:00 this morning (we are slugs) and took a long afternoon nap (big slugs). It was lovely. Dinner is coming from the outside world tonight and the evening holds Phase 10 tournaments, where I will win big time. If you do not know the game Phase 10, please drop everything you’re doing and run to your local Target to the game section and pick up a deck of Phase 10 cards. You’ll want to quit life, put on sweatpants, and play Phase 10 until your eyes bleed.


5 Responses to “Uncooperative”

  1. rpeavler Says:

    Alright….let’s play True or False

    1) Sunny was having a bad self-image day and didn’t want to show his/her face…….TRUE

    2) We’ve slept hard for a good chunk of the day…….TRUE (and I think we both needed it today!)

    3) Sunny is an excellent test taker…….TRUE

    4) Kristin won at Phase 10……FALSE πŸ™‚

  2. abigail Says:

    Thinking of you both often. I will keep my eyes peeled for Phase 10, but I am a big fan of Fluxx, which will make you crazy the first few times you play it, but then is great fun, especially with a large group. In my lab, we plan Fluxx and Uno!

  3. abigail Says:

    oh yeah- so do you have an address at the hospital so I can send you stuff? I am thinking of putting together a non-boredom package for you!

  4. leighnut Says:

    Fluxx! I’m always looking for new games! I’m so going to google it.

    The best thing to do for packages (thank you!) is to send it to our house. Rob comes every day, so I will get it promptly. πŸ™‚

  5. erin w Says:

    I love Phase 10! You should try Cinqo — it’s a dice game by the same people who made Uno. Also fun.

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