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Explains the New Stretch Marks April 11, 2008

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So, Baby needs a new name. Sunny no longer describes the baby accurately. We definitely have a sumo baby and should probably change the prenatal name to Buddha. Because the baby weighs…



Baby has dropped in percentile, from 86% three weeks ago to 84% this week, so maybe baby is lengthening. Or something. Who knows? The baby is measuring at 35.2 weeks. S/he’s so advanced! 🙂

We had the crabbiest ultrasound tech ever. When we asked her questions, we’d be lucky if we got a grunt in response. She certainly brought her personal issues to the office with her today! And she was very impatient looking for the movement she needed for the Biophysical Profile. Rob and I have been to a few ultrasounds now, and know what we’re looking for in the movement department. There needs to be two large (all-over) movements, like the baby squirms or rolls, and there needs to be two small movements called tone, like flexing of fingers or wiggling of feet. Rob and I were seeing tone movements all over the place. The ultrasound tech just kept jostling my belly to try to get the baby to move, but wouldn’t keep the wand in one place to see if the baby responded.

But the end result was good. The baby passed (again!) with flying colors. The doctor was very pleased with how well things have been going at home and was thrilled with the baby’s progress. We talked with her about delivery plans and timeline, etc. She said that 37 weeks, or May 10, is definitely going to be the time for induction, unless (isn’t there always an ‘unless’ or something to negate the definite statements?) my cervix is showing no signs of readying itself for delivery. Then the plan would be to reconsult MFM (the high-risk group) to see if they felt we could wait a little longer, so the induction wouldn’t be so long and difficult. I am a huge fan of this plan. It’s nice to have a little more certainty with the timeline. Plus, as Rob pointed out, May 11 is Mother’s Day, so there could be a chance that we’d have the baby on Mother’s Day! Cute!! 🙂


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