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Buh-lud April 13, 2008

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This week we received our cord blood donation kit. Many moons ago, we decided to donate the cord blood to the National Marrow Donor Program to be put on the national registry. Hopefully, someday someone will be able to use it for a transplant for diseases like leukemia. If it is not able to be listed (for example, if there wasn’t a high enough stem cell count in the collection), the blood will go toward research, which is equally as awesome. (Click on the link to the right if you’d like more information.)

The procedure is simple. When I am admitted for delivery, they will draw the normal admission labs and in addition, draw a couple of extra tubes to be sent off with the CB kit. After the baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, the cord blood from my side of the cord will be sucked out into a syringe (don’t worry, Britta — can’t feel it!) and sent off to Cord Blood Land with my paperwork. It will then become a number either on the registry or in the research world, where it will be put through a number of tests and frozen for future use.



3 Responses to “Buh-lud”

  1. Karen Deniker Says:

    Good for you guys. That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had that opportunity. If I am correct Maggee is the only hospital in PA to participate. Thanks for sharing the info. Karen

  2. leighnut Says:

    I am very excited about it. I actually had a long conversation with Dr. Goyal about donation versus private banking. He is a big fan of donation and had lots of good reasons to do it over privately banking. He was a great resource!

    I think it would be cool to be able to meet the family who uses the cord blood someday, but I don’t think that’s an option with this. Oh well. I’m just glad it will be put to use. 🙂

  3. Stacey Says:

    I wonder what Cord Blood Land is like? I think you made a great choice to donate. What an amazing thing. (I left a rather large comment on your “bins and brackets” entry, thinking it was the most recent). Love you!

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