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Baby = Brain Sucker April 21, 2008

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So it’s NHL playoff time right now. That means that there is a lot of hockey being watched in this house. Specifically, we are watching the Detroit Redwings. Rob, the Michigan boy, is a die-hard fan. And I am a fan by proxy. So we’re sitting around on the couch, because in case you haven’t noticed, that’s where I live now, and I turn to Rob and say, “The Redwings is playing tonight.” He almost fell off the couch laughing at his normally grammatically perfect wife mixing verb tenses without catching it.


10 Responses to “Baby = Brain Sucker”

  1. Bob Deniker Says:

    LET’S GO PENS! At least we don’t throw seafood on the ice. “Yuck”.

  2. YFA Debbie Says:

    Welcome to my world!

    Love you

  3. leighnut Says:

    Just wait until the Pens play the Redwings — then you’ll see who’s the better team! 🙂

  4. Karen Says:

    Don’t forget Wyatt plays for the Colorado Avalanche. Maybe you should rethink your decision to be a Red Wing fan. The next series should be fun. But Rob, I hate to burst your bubble, the Avalanche are going to win.

  5. leighnut Says:

    That’s so funny, Karen, because Paige and I were just talking about how no one mentioned the Wyatt connection in a comment yet! 🙂

    We will cheer for Wyatt to play well — and for the Red Wings to win. Unless they lose, then it’s go Avs all the way! 🙂

  6. rpeavler Says:

    Karen, If the Avs were playing anyone else I would be pulling for Wyatt. I checked the internet for his stats on an almost daily basis for the season and wished we had been able to get up to Cleveland to see him play. Rethinking being a Red Wings fan would be like asking Paul to rethink being a Packers fan. We’ll love Wyatt win or lose but that won’t be a real issue as the Wings are going to WIN! 🙂


  7. Bob Deniker Says:

    Yinz guys live in Pittsburgh now. Lets Go Pens! I’m gonna watch the Red Wing game now. Lets Go Avs. Don’t hate me. 🙂

  8. leighnut Says:

    Bob, you’re just cheering for the Avs because you know the Pens can’t beat the Wings!

    We don’t hate you. Promise. 🙂

  9. Bob Deniker Says:

    Oh O, here come the Pens. Down 3 zip and won. EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Sorry, I’m a hillbilly.

  10. Karen Says:

    OK The wings won. Now I will cheer for them to go all the way.
    We are now on the same side.

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