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The Luckiest April 21, 2008

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I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. This is not a new fact. I am so grateful for everything that he has done for me not only during the easy parts of the pregnancy, but especially for this bed rest time. He has juggled home life and school life, with a little hospital life thrown in, for a month, while I basically watch from the couch.

He came to see me every day when I was at the hospital, with the exception of two — one day he had a concert in Gettysburg, the other day the dog walker didn’t show up and he couldn’t leave Maggie at home for so long. Otherwise, he left school, went home to feed the dog, and came straight to the hospital to be with me. He brought school stuff with him, though I don’t remember him doing any of it! We’d play games and he’d tell me of the outside world 🙂 , and take me on field trips in a wheelchair to get some fresh air, even when it was cold. He’d bring food and snacks so that I wouldn’t have to eat hospital food all the time. And he made sure that I had enough crossword puzzles and books to keep me occupied. He was the one who brought the cross-stitch in the first few days, even though I said I probably wouldn’t need it, because I’d be going home. (Ha ha.) He came at 6:30 a.m. so that he could be there when the doctors rounded in the morning. He called me every morning to say hi and every night before he went to bed to say goodnight.

Now that I’ve been home, I have watched him attend to everything around the house. He does the laundry, he cleans the kitchen and bathrooms, and makes dinner, etc. He has even continued painting the trim in the house and started the second part of the bathroom painting. He has been landscaping outside so that we can plant flowers for the spring. He scoured the front porch and outdoor furniture so that I have a place to sit and get fresh air every day. He brings me flowers. He competes with me for the best blood pressure of the day to keep it fun. (He wins on the top number, and I win on the bottom!) He takes me on little field trips, to the movies, to Ligonier, to Babies R Us. He comforts me when I feel like I am going to go crazy if I have to sit here much longer. When I try to help with things, he reminds me that my job is to rest and keep baking the bunbaby. He sleeps with two fans going and all the windows open in our bedroom, so that I’m not too hot at night — even if it means that he wears flannel pants and a long sleeved shirt. He rubs my back any time I ask and even times when I don’t. He sings to my belly. And he reminds me every day how beautiful I am, even when I feel like a house and I haven’t showered yet and I’m wearing sweatpants because who puts jeans on just to sit around the house?

So, Rob, thank you for being the most supportive and attentive guy around. Thank you for everything that you do to keep our lives sane and wonderful while I am baking the baby. The little things that you do and say mean so much to me. I am, as our song states, the luckiest.


5 Responses to “The Luckiest”

  1. rpeavler Says:

    I think it shouldn’t need to be said, but I have had the easy part in all of this. For the past 8 months you have been carrying and caring for our child 24/7. I didn’t have to go through morning sickness and all the other physical ups and downs you’ve had to endure (which you have done with a great deal of grace!). I didn’t have to give up my professional life and walk away from school. You’ve kept your sense of humor through all the curve balls of this pregnancy which is just one of the many things I love about you!

    You have always been there for me whenever I’ve needed you and I know you always will be! I think we’re both the luckiest to have a partner that knows when to meet in the middle, when to back off, and when the other person needs 100%.

    I love you!

  2. Britta Bergman Says:

    You two are so cute and are going to make the most wonderful parents! Love you both! 🙂

  3. Paige Says:

    Wow I’m not even pregnant but obviously emotional. I’m reading this and so tearful. But happy tearful. You two are so lucky to have found eachother! Love you both!

  4. erinfrances Says:

    I was teary reading your post, then I read his comment.

    Now I’m crying. You two are so cute. 🙂

  5. writetools Says:

    You have a winner… our nine year anniversary just happened and I wrote an ode to my wonderful husband as well… aren’t they great? We are truly blessed…although we may have to work on the bringing flowers thing, LOL 🙂

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