One Fish, Two Fish

Angel on My Shoulder (like a monkey on my back!) April 22, 2008

Filed under: Knit Wit,Mom and Dad,Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 11:06 am

I know you’ve been wondering how the crafting is going and waiting on pins and needles for an update. Well, good news, the wait is over! Here’s your update.

I have finished the entire skirt on the cross-stitch angel. That means I am about 2/3 done with the project. I have to do the bodice and heads of the angel and the baby, then the wing. The final step is beading, which will be quick, since there aren’t that many to do. The hope is that, if I work until I have blisters on my stitching fingers, I can get a baby hat or two and maybe a pair of booties done before baby arrives.

I have been reading a lot of knitting blogs lately and stacking up the patterns that I want to start. Soon I am going to need a 12-step program to help with my addiction!


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