One Fish, Two Fish

Tuesday Schmuesday April 22, 2008

Filed under: Baby,Doctor-rama,Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 2:15 pm

Another appointment come and gone. Everything remains the same. Doc loves my blood pressures, the baby passed another NST with flying colors, and I had my labs drawn.

I asked the doctor, assuming everything continues to go well, when she would do an exam to check the state of my cervix. She said, “Week 36.” I said, “So does that mean that you’ll check it during my regular Friday appointment the day before week 36 starts (May 2) or actually during week 36 on Tuesday (May 6)?” She got all flustered with the dates swimming around in her head and finally said, “I’m not telling you anything, because you’re going to hold me to it. It will be on or around week 36!” I laughed and said, “Can you tell I’m a planner?” She said, “No kidding!”

So. On or around week 36, they’ll check my cervix, see if there’s anything happening in the way of dilation or softening, and if so, induce me at week 37. If there’s no action, then they’ll call MFM and tell them how happily normal I am and see if they’ll hold off until my body shows some sign of wanting to go into labor.

Selfishly, I hope for week 37, so I can be done with bed rest and pregnancy. For the baby, I hope for more time in utero. We’ll see who wins (because it’s important to start early in letting your child know that life is all about competition and being the WINNER!). šŸ™‚


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