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Mama Rama April 23, 2008

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My mom is coming today! I’m very excited. She’s going to see me as big as a house, and come with us to the doctor on Friday, where she will see an ultrasound of the Unborn One (and sit through the really boring NST!). I hope the baby cooperates and isn’t all squished up against the uterus, so we can see a good profile shot.

Otherwise, we’re going to hang out and craft. She’s knitting a beautiful baptismal gown and I am still plugging away at the angel. These are good activities when hanging out with someone who’s on bed rest. 🙂 Here’s a picture of the gown, courtesy of Dale of Norway Yarns’ website:

We are going to Ligonier to the knitting store, so that I can pick up the supplies I need for a couple of the hats that I have patterns for and a pair of booties that I found online. I figure I can get at least the angel, a hat, and a pair of booties done in 17 days. Do you think that’s crazy?? I kind of do. It’s good to have goals. Ha!


5 Responses to “Mama Rama”

  1. Becky Lindell Says:


    How exciting that your Mom is coming!! I remember well my trip to Sara’s on February 13th. The doctor told her she would “go any minute” and there was a snow storm coming. So, I left town before the snow storm and ended up staying in Farmington for 11 days–afraid to go back home and miss the birth!! It was an unexpected winter “vacation” for me and I had so much fun being there with them. We were in the hospital on Feb. 14 and sent home after 2 1/2 hours–false alarm. Braden Michael was born on Feb. 21 (missing Auntie Stacey’s birthday by 2 days). But, I was there in the delivery room, standing behind the doctor, and watched my beautiful grandson come into the world!! There is nothing like it and I am thinking of all of you and your Mom today!!

    I just got “caught up” on your blog–have been busy at work and have not read lately–and entered my weight prediction on your first request day, April 11. Please include me in the contest–sorry about being the HIGH-weight “guesser”!!

    Also, I cried reading your tribute to Rob–it was beautiful–as was his to you!! God Bless you ALL and good luck with the birth of Little Sunny/Baby Buddha!! I can’t wait to hear…


    Stacey’s Mom–Becky L.

  2. erinfrances Says:

    That baptismal outfit is ADORABLE! I’m using my old one (though it’s kind of yellow now … but God doesn’t care, right?).

  3. Karen Deniker Says:

    The gown is beautiful! I planned that Ashley would wear the same one that Nikki wore. Unfortunately, we are just making Ashley’s plans now. We were kinda busy last year. Poor Ashley will be walking up to get baptized. But as another typed…God doesn’t care, right?

  4. Becky Lindell Says:


    The baptismal gown is just beautiful (I initially wrote before you had uploaded the picture.)! My granddaughters wore the gown that my grandmother bought for me–my two daughters wore it also –it is now almost 58 years old and still beautiful! My two grandsons wore the white knit suit that their Dad, our son, Jeremy, wore (David wouldn’t allow his son to wear a “dress”–some MEN!). My Mom bought it when Jeremy, her first grandchild, was born. I don’t know what little Braden will wear on June 1st, but I am knitting a baptismal shawl for him (I am not as ambitious as your Mom, nor am I that talented)!! I have to get busy and get it done. These family times are SO special and the gown will be something you will pass down for generations!

    Becky Lindell

  5. leighnut Says:

    I think that God only cares that there’s good food afterwards. LOTS of good food. 🙂

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