One Fish, Two Fish

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! May 30, 2008

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If Sam were a dwarf (as in the Famous Seven), he’d be one of the following:



17 Days

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Sam went to the pediatrician again this morning for his two-week weight check. He’s, uh, not hurting in the weight department. The pediatrician said, “18 oz. in ten days. Whoa.” So he is now 9 lbs. 4 oz. What a chunk.

Also, belated congratulations to Britta for correctly guessing his birth weight! I’ll buy you a prize this summer at the cabin — perhaps a treat from The Face?

Sam will be getting his first round of vaccines at the end of June. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll be getting four shots. I hope they bring in two people so they can do two at the same time. That’s how we do chemo shots at work — two pokes at a time is better than one poke at a time. I’m fighting the urge to get some Emla cream (numbing cream) for his little thighs. I think I’ll just bring an ice pack or something to numb his legs a little.

Speaking of vaccines, my mom got me a book called The Vaccine Book for Christmas this year, that gives tons of great information about the vaccines that kids get during childhood. I read it last night and have decided to do an alternative vaccine schedule that spreads them out over time. He will still get all of the vaccines, but instead of getting many shots at a time, this new schedule gives him two per month. What’s the rationale, you may be wondering? (I was wondering until I read the book!) Well, vaccines have aluminum in them, which helps the vaccines work better in the body. As of now, there have been no studies done on how much aluminum from a vaccine a baby can handle before it reaches toxic levels in the body, causing neurological damage. The only studies done were on premature babies getting IV nutrition. No studies have shown the safety (or “unsafety”) of the aluminum in vaccines. By decreasing the number of shots at a time, the theory is that the kidneys have a better chance of processing the aluminum, thereby decreasing the risk of aluminum toxicity. So, long story short (too late), Sam will get all of the vaccines he needs (because, hey, we’re good public health-minded citizens!), just on a slightly modified schedule. And really, this whole aluminum thing may not be a big deal, but it makes me feel better to change up the schedule a little bit.

If you’re interested in the book, there is a website with more information under “Relevant Things” to the right ——-> 🙂


In My Shoes May 29, 2008

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I walked a mile yesterday. Well, strolled, really. It’s a big deal. I haven’t traveled that kind of distance in two months. Rob and I took Sam to Twin Lakes Park near our house. I has two man-made lakes with a brick-paved walking trail around them. (We both agree that, even though their man-made, being near those lakes is the closest thing to home around here.) We pushed Sam around the big lake. I had to stop halfway to rest (isn’t that sad?), but I did it.

I am so deconditioned from being on bed rest. I know this shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point, but I am still amazed at how weak my body has become from so many weeks of sitting around. I am going to have to be patient about waiting for my body to return to what it was. Even my former out-of-shape self will be an improvement to the jello that is my current body. At this point, it’s not even about weight loss and looking like my former self. I just want to stroll a mile around a lake without having to stop to rest halfway.


Poop. Literally.

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Sam is an excellent pooper. It’s one of his jobs. And today he proved that by projectile pooping all over me while I was changing his diaper. No preemptive warning fart, just a big spray of poop all over my clothes. My response? “Oh, sh*t!” Couldn’t help it, it just slipped out. Ha. Ha.


New Socks… and a Cute Little Sleeper May 28, 2008

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Sam just loves his new socks from Paige and Wyatt. See? He’s totally groovin’!

And here he is sleeping. We take pictures of everything, because we think everything he does is cute. Seriously. It’s sick. But we just want to squish him all the time because we can’t stand how cute he is. Instead, we just take pictures, because squishing babies is frowned upon in most circles.


First Walk Around the Neighborhood

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When Rob and I were first married, we did this thing that probably made people near us want to throw up in their mouths a little bit, but that we, in our newlywed bliss, thought was really cute. Everything was First Married [thing]. Like First Married Road Trip! First Married Movie Date! First Married Etc. Etc. You get the idea. Feel free to puke a little. Now we have a whole new set of firsts. Everything Sam does is a first. So, in this vein, here are pictures of Sam in his rockin’ stroller, a gift from Karen, getting ready to go for his first walk.


Sam in Real Life May 27, 2008

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Here’s a test clip of Sam!  Once I figure out how to do a bit of editing I’ll get more footage of him posted!  We’re trying to get the video right on the website but having a bit of trouble. Pete, we need your expertise!!!

Happy two week birthday Sam!!!!!!!

The password for this video and all the videos we’ll put up is “Samuel”, so just click on the numbers below.