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Where Will the Wee One Sleep? May 9, 2008

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Here are long overdue pictures of the nursery.

This is the crib with the Doodles bedding, Bright Future Bear, and a little giraffe just like the one that my dad got me when I was born. Notice the white pad on the sheet. No poop stains for us! 🙂

Here’s the bookcase that needs better organization, which will have to wait until there is more stuff to put on it. Right now, I just didn’t want it to topple over, so the stuff is all spread out. On the second shelf is the hat I made for Baby in San Francisco and on the third shelf is a cross-stitch I did a few months ago that my mom started for my birth. I put the dates 1978 and 2008 at the bottom. (I know you can’t see it. I should have taken a close-up!)

Here is the dresser. Cute lamp, a glass sculpture called “Joy,” and my Beatrix Potter set that I was obsessed with when I was very small. To the left of the dresser, you can see the white Diaper Genie peeking out, because we don’t do stink.

If you open the dresser drawers, you will find the fruits of my OCD labor: highly organized bins separating each item by function and size. From left to right (1) socks and accessories like hats and booties, (2) tiny t-shirts in size 0-3, (3) onesies size 0-3, (4) outfits, gowns, etc. size 0-3. (Second drawer down contains bins for sizes 3-6, 6-9, and beyond, and the third drawer has bins with receiving blankets, big soft blankets, and, for now, miscellaneous items.)

And this is the changing table. Cool bins, huh? One holds diapers, the other is full of burp cloths. (And again, notice the pad on the changing table.)

So now you have a visual for Baby’s new habitat. We have everything ready. We just need the baby!


5 Responses to “Where Will the Wee One Sleep?”

  1. Christine Says:

    It is so cute! I love it! Everything is perfect. I was especially proud of your perfectly organized bins inside the drawers.

    I am so excited for you!

  2. YFA Debbie Says:

    Chris should not see this. The poor guy slept in a small portable crib on wheels, in a small gray-tiled room filled with boxes and crap we hadn’t managed to unpack yet. No ocd in this house.
    Baby Peavler has a beautiful place to lay his tiny, little head. It will be fun to see the pictures with him in it! I obviously still think it’s a boy.

    Love you-

  3. sara Says:

    it’s such a beautiful space! you are in my prayers in these coming days! so thrilled….

    much love to all three of you… (or four including the angel!)

  4. G/G Peavler Says:

    Just beautiful, Rob and Kristin. Sure beats our $30.00 used crib (lasted through 3 kids!) and chair from the Detroit Goodwill. Lest you think that we were living higher than new baby Richard, I need to tell you that our bedside stand was 2 empty beer cases covered with a cloth! AND- we are very happy that your new baby has this beautiful room, full of care and love, for him/herself.

  5. erinfrances Says:

    Soo adorable!

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