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To Nest Or Not To Nest May 10, 2008

Filed under: Mom and Dad,Neurotic,Pregnant!,Third Trimester — leighnut @ 5:19 pm

I was just talking to my mom about how I’ve never had the “nesting” feeling that women supposedly get at the end of the third trimester. I haven’t felt the surge of energy that is supposed to go with it. Then she reminded me of my desperation to have the nursery organized and everything washed and in the appropriate bin, how I worked feverishly on the angel, and have now almost finished another baby hat. So I guess I felt a little nesty and those were the things I could do within the parameters of bed rest.

I decided to forego making the booties for another little hat. This time it’s a horizontally striped hat in khaki and cream. The yarn is organic cotton and feels lovely. The great thing about baby hats is that they are tiny and can be knit very quickly. I started this one yesterday and will finish it tonight during the Redwings game. After that, I’m going to use the yarn that sko-s (thanks again, Sara!) sent me to make another baby hat. This time, I think I’ll either make a solid bright blue hat (it’s a gorgeous gender-neutral azure) or another striped one with the bright blue, light blue and cream. I also really like that the yarn is called ‘Grace.’ What a fitting name to commemorate the birth of a child.


One Response to “To Nest Or Not To Nest”

  1. sara Says:

    you’re welcome! i am glad i can help with the nesting…. we are so thinking about you and sending all our love and prayers and excitement! say hi to your mom….

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