One Fish, Two Fish

3:43 pm May 12, 2008

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Hello again.  I feel like I’m giving a rush hour traffic report on the radio with updates so many times an hour.  We just met with the MFM team and they told us to stay the course.  Kristin is ordering a tray of clear liquid nourishment and we’ll check in later tonight to see if there is any progress.  We’re told that a 24 hour labor isn’t unusual for a 1st time Mom being induced a few weeks early.  If there isn’t any progress by later tonight they might allow Kristin to get a real dinner and unhook her from all of her IV tubes and sleep until the morning and start in again after a good sleep.  I wish you could all see the graphs for Sunny.  Every doctor says, “your baby is doing great!”  I guess he/she just needs a little more time before being ready to come hang out for the rest of our lives.


3 Responses to “3:43 pm”

  1. Do they have cheeseburger flavored bouillon?

    I feel like we’re all part of a country-wide waiting room. This is great to feel a part of the action!

    Slurp away!

  2. G/G Peavler Says:

    I’m not sure about burger broth, but I do remember blending up a whopper for Rob when his jaw was wired shut. Oh, it was ugly…but it still tasted like a whopper.

    Kristin…soon you’ll be able to eat big time, and everything. Hang in there- we’re all pulling for you. (Or pushing, when the time comes).

  3. Erin W Says:

    These updates are great! I’ll keep checking back for the news. 🙂

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