One Fish, Two Fish

6:33 AM May 12, 2008

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Hi everyone.  It’s early Monday morning and we’re still waiting on Sunny to be ready.  Kristin had a fitful night of sleep but she’s doing great.  She has slept more in the early hours of this morning and is still sleeping more than not right now.  Nancy left for her hotel around midnight last night and I’m going to go and get her soon so she can come back and be here with us this morning.  It’s a cool rainy day (a perfect cabin day as Kristin would say) and there is no place we would rather be than right here waiting for Sunny.  We’ll keep you all updated as the day moves along.


6 Responses to “6:33 AM”

  1. Thinking and praying for you all!

    We Love you!

  2. G/G Peavler Says:

    We’re tuned in and have no intention of leaving the house today! Our thoughts are a constant prayer for all of you…..we love you so much, all 3!

    Glad that you’ve had a little rest…..

  3. YFA Debbie Says:

    Hurry up, little one. We can’t wait to meet you!

    Love to all of you.

  4. G/G Peavler Says:

    Rob- did you get any rest last night?

    Your concerned Mom

  5. Rob Says:

    Hi Mom, I got a few hours sleep last night. Kristin and Nancy are resting now. I’ll keep napping as the day goes on. I feel fine. Starbucks is my friend today!

  6. Ken Says:

    Everyone hang in there….

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