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Night Life May 16, 2008

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Well, we made it through our first night at home. It actually went pretty well. The hardest part was managing the bili blanket that has a large and relatively short cord to the machine. We call it his tail, even though it looks more like an elephant’s trunk coming out of his butt region. We had been charged with waking Sam every two hours to feed, supplementing with formula every other time for fluid volume. I have never set so many alarms in one night before. By the wee hours of the morning, I was ready for a few hard core hours of sleep in a row, so at the 5:00 a.m. feed, I asked Rob to change his diaper while I slept for a few more minutes. Suddenly, I felt this shot of something wet hit my ear. I grabbed my ear and said, “What was that?” Rob said, “Uh, he just peed on you.” I had pee in my ear, in my hair, and all over the shoulder of my shirt! It was quite the introduction to having a baby boy.

I am on my way to take a nap before the next feed. I can’t wait until this scheduled feeding time is over so he can dictate the schedule and not the alarm clock.

BILI UPDATE: The nurse that came to draw his blood this morning just called and his bili level is 15.52 now. She said to just keep doing what we were doing and see the pediatrician in the morning as scheduled. Hopefully things will change tomorrow. Not only do I want Sam’s level to even out, but I want to get rid of that blanket!! 🙂


4 Responses to “Night Life”

  1. erinfrances Says:

    I just laughed out loud — I need that, thanks!

  2. Becky Lindell Says:

    Oh, little boys are so full of surprises!! This is just the beginning… Enjoy your time with your family, Kristin, and say “hi” to your Mom and Dad from me. Please give Samuel a “kiss”, too!!

    Becky (Stacey’s Mom)

  3. RoseT Says:

    Have you heard about the pee pee tee pee?

  4. fvxxjjjj kkkkk777777sammmmmmmmmm Good morning from Andrew! BBBasasaaaaaaaaaaa00p/?

    And from Grandma P, here at Rich and Chris’. We are so excited to see the pictures of such a handsome boy! And, so glad you are at home together, even if there is extra gear to deal with. Hopefully, very temporary. Eat well today, Sam, and flush out that bilirubin. Kristin, I hate to think that waking up with something in your ear thing is genetic, but Rob once woke me up from a nap by cleaning my ear with a Q tip.

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