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What a Big Boy! May 26, 2008

Filed under: Month One,Sam — leighnut @ 11:40 am

Sam no longer fits into the newborn size diapers. He’s such a big boy. We estimate that he is now between nine and ten pounds. One of us will step on the scale holding him, then do it again without him and subtract the two numbers. It’s highly scientific.

And his umbilical cord fell off last night! I’d post a picture of it, but that would be gross. 🙂 Now we can give him zerberts on his tummy without getting a mouthful of yuck. These are the milestones we get excited about around here.


One Response to “What a Big Boy!”

  1. Two weeks ago, today. Wow, time is flying and no more newbie diapers. Before you know it, Sam will be done with all diapers!

    It seems hard to believe a week has passed since I met your little guy and I can tell from the pics he has grown.

    I trust a week has done wonders for you, Kristin, and that you are feeling better and stronger. I was glad to read the detail of Sam’s big day; thanks for sharing!

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