One Fish, Two Fish

Pouch Baby June 19, 2008

Filed under: Month Two,Sam — leighnut @ 12:54 pm

Yesterday Rob, Sam and I went to the Grove City outlet mall north of Pittsburgh. It was the perfect opportunity to (a) buy me some new summer clothes, (b) buy Sam more cute clothes that are not green or yellow, and (c) try out the new pouch that I ordered.

The pouch is from Kangaroo Korner, a local Minnesota company (isn’t that funny, I still consider Minnesota to be local. It just shows that I still consider the midwest home), that makes adjustable slings and pouches. I ordered the adjustable fleece pouch in Graphite. Sam fits right into it and seems to really like it. He did make lots of Mmmm-ing noises when we first put him in it, like he wasn’t sure what was going on, but by the end of the day, his little head was sticking out of it and he was looking all around. He can sit in it sideways and look out, or be tummy-to-tummy with the wearer to sleep. When he gets bigger, he will balance on the wearer’s hip and be part of the action. It’s nice for us too, because Sam likes to be part of things. He doesn’t like to be left to kick on the floor or hang out in the bouncy seat, etc. He’d rather be held and see what’s going on. I love that about him. It will be so much easier to do things around the house with him in the pouch as opposed to feeling stranded in a room with him. I’ll put a picture up of Sam in the pouch sometime soon. He’s really cute in it!

So, thank you Kangaroo Korner for making such a wonderful product that’s so easy to use!


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