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Welcome to The New Blog July 12, 2008

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As you can see, I have changed the name of the blog. It just didn’t seem right to not acknowledge that Sam now has a name. So, welcome to the new title. The address will remain littlesunfish, so no need to update your bookmarks.

We are in Minneapolis for Paige and Wyatt’s wedding. Sam wants me to tell you that he loves weddings. Let’s just hope he behaves. But he will, because he’s a happy little guy.


Traverse City July 6, 2008

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Our time in Traverse City is drawing to a close. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time here, as always. Here are some highlights and observations from the trip:

*Lake Michigan is gorgeous.
*Sam does not like fireworks. He doesn’t eat well and gets agitated, but he doesn’t cry.
*Sam does not like the Blue Angels if he is awake. He will sleep through it if he’s in a deep sleep, otherwise, he furrows his brow. Again, no tears.
*Downtown TC is so cute. If you ever go, don’t miss Green Island, an organic earth muffiny store with tons of great stuff, including the baby line “Under the Nile,” which is organic cotton clothes made in Egypt. Best receiving blankets EVER.
*Cherry Festival is a huge hit for the thousands of people who show up every summer.
*Bob and Muriel have wonderful friends that we always look forward to seeing. This summer, it was so fun to show Sam off to everyone. He was definitely a hit.
*Babies are kid-magnets. Kids looove to see babies.
*Babies are great conversation starters with strangers. Everyone has a baby story to tell.
*Walking is great. I almost forgot what it felt like!
*Flip-flop callouses are necessary to build up for the summer. I’m working on it.
*Leland is a cute little town. Don’t forget to visit Leelanau Books when you go.
*Michigan strawberries are DELICIOUS. The should have a Strawberry Festival!
*We all watched the movie “Waitress” one night. If you haven’t seen it, rent it. We all loved it — and Andy Griffith plays a crotchety old man who, to me, is the hit of the movie!
*Pie. Mmmmm
*Sam is huge. Huge. I swear he gets bigger every day.
*Sam has decided to screw up his sleeping schedule again. He was doing so well and then started with the staying up until 3 a.m. thing again. I suppose he is entitled to being a little screwed up, since we make him travel all over. You know, like Angelina and Brad and their kids. It’s totally the same thing. Ha.

We will leave for Appleton on Tuesday morning, then on to Minneapolis for the wedding. More updates here and there…