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Traveling, Or How Sam Rocks His Mars Rover August 5, 2008

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We had a fabulous trip. Sam is a great traveler. We stick him in his carseat, the Mars Rover as Rob calls it, and peek back at him once in a while. He will get fussy if he’s cold or tired or needs a pacifier or is hungry. Other than that, he’s content to listen to NPR or CDs, or whatever is on the radio. Sam saw six states — 11.5% of the country! — though I think that the difference in each was lost on him. We tried to explain why Wisconsin is different from Minnesota — Wisconsin is famous for its cows, Minnesota for its lakes — but he just said, “Geh,” and continued to bat at his bug.

That’s right, folks, he’s batting at objects. This is one of the milestones that he reached while traveling this summer. We came home with a very different baby than when we left. I’ll get to that in other posts.

The biggest adjustment to being home is that Sam has only two grown-ups to play with, as opposed to the 800 million friends and family that he met in the last month. And we are adjusting to having only one pair of hands to pass the child off to. It was an immense pleasure to not only show off the baby to everyone, but to have the help so we can do things like shower and eat and go to the bathroom.

So thank you everyone from Michigan to Minnesota for your love, your help, and your company. We love all of you and can’t wait to see you again.


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