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Month Three August 6, 2008

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Dear Sam,

Yes, that’s right. You’re getting another letter. I’m playing catch-up, because we were able to spend a month with family and friends in the midwest. It was amazing. You were able to meet more people than a little baby could ever imagine. And they all loved you. Love you — present tense. In that time, you’ve had many “firsts”: your first wedding (Paige and Wyatt’s), first swim in the lake, first boat ride, first trip to TC, first trip to the cabin, first “ride” in the Baby Bjorn carrier, first bachelorette party (you crashed Caitlin’s weekend!). You are a child who rolls with the changes each day brings.

You are easygoing, there’s no doubt about it. This month you’ve been passed from person to person, all reaching out to snuggle with you, and for the most part you greeted them with smiles or the ultimate sign of contentment: sleep. Everywhere we go, people comment on what a good baby you are. (“I’ve never heard him cry!” “Does he ever cry?”) It’s true, you are a very good baby. But Sam, we would love you just as much if you were a little more fussy, squawked a little more, or even cried. People have asked, “What do you do to make him so happy?” I give my tongue-in-cheek answer, “It was all that bedrest!” But as our family friend, Mary Gage said, “You’ll get it coming or going,” so we are prepared for you to assert your will at any moment. And we will delight in it, even if we might not always show it.

Some bodily function updates: You DROOL. You are a little faucet. I have never seen so much spit come from a baby. And you’re balding. It’s ok, it’ll grow back. Almost all babies lose some of their newborn hair. I think your hair is going to grow in a little lighter. You have major poop blow-outs. It’s incredible the number of outfits that you get poop on. In fact, last night, you pooped up through the back of your diaper to make a splotch of poop the size of a saucer on the back of your onesie. I was holding you, which means I had poop on my shirt, too. You just have to laugh. What can you do?

Grandma Nancy (perhaps Nonnie, we’ll see what you think about that when it’s time to name people) put you in the bathtub for the first time. You LOVE to take baths. No more bath seat in the sink for you. As soon as you realize you are in the water, you start to kick and splash around with vigor. (Verve. Vim. I love that all of those words start with ‘v.’ Sam, your mother is a word nerd.) I hate to interrupt your play time to do such mundane things as wash your body, but it must be done, because, well, see the above paragraph. You’re a dirty bird.

You have found your voice, Sam. Your little baby language has started. Your favorite sounds are “Err” and “Geh.” I love to have a little conversation with you, mimicking the sounds that you make. I like to think that I’m saying your words right and that you are having as much fun as I am. It will be so exciting to hear your first real words. I practice with you every day. I say, “Ma ma ma ma ma.” And if Daddy is in the room, I play fair and add, “Da da da da da.” But we both know your first word will be Mama. 🙂 I can hardly take my eyes off your little mouth as you form your babbling sounds. It makes it very difficult to get anything done.

Speaking of which, you have reached a stage where you would prefer to be constantly entertained. By us. While it is so wonderful that you love our company — and I wouldn’t trade it for the alternative — I would like to be able to pee without having to bring you into the bathroom or sing to you while I’m there. Someday, you’re not going to want to have these little field trips to every place with me and I’ll look back fondly on these high-needs days. There are times where you are content to hang out on your play mat and talk to the yellow lion that hangs over your head, or sit in your bouncy chair and sing to the fish that swim in front of you, but those moments last for mere minutes and then you’d like to be in the arms of a human again. You love faces. This month you have started to mimic facial expressions. If I stick out my tongue, you will stick yours out to match. And just in the last week, you’ve started initiating the game yourself. If I am holding you and talking to you, you’ll smile at me, say, “Geh” and stick out your tongue. When I stick mine out to match yours, you smile and do it again. So cute.

I swear I can see your brain getting bigger. You get this look on your face when you are concentrating or seeing something for the first time. It’s very serious, this brain-growing. Your little brain is creating new synapses as we speak, which is amazing. You are very smart. I can tell.

You are a mover and a shaker, Peanut. You can stand up very straight and tall with support under your arms. You like to kick, kick, kick and flail your arms about. Tummy time is much more fun this month, since you can hold your head up higher and look around. Your neck is getting very strong. In fact, at 10 weeks and 6 days (July 28), you rolled over! I just about jumped out of my skin, I was so excited! Daddy was so sad that he missed it. (He was in Canada fishing with both of your grandpas and Uncle Ang.) In fact, his one charge to you while he was gone for those five days was, “Sam, don’t reach any milestones while I’m gone, ok?” He has vowed never to leave for five days again. 🙂 You haven’t rolled over since then, so I think it was a moment where all the stars aligned and you tipped over. We put you on your tummy every day in the hope that you will do it again. We are impatient, to say the least. You have also figured out that arms are for more than waving around. You will bat at your bug that we hang over your carseat and reach and grab for things that are put in front of you. You’re still working on hanging onto the things that you reach for, but the journey is the reward, right? When we were driving home from the midwest, Daddy and I would hear the crinkle of the bug wings and the tap-tap-tapping of the plastic rings and smile at each other, knowing you are doing your important work of playing.

Sam, we love you. We love sharing you with family and friends. We love watching you grow before our very eyes. We love seeing you develop new skills and using them when you play. We love snuggling with you. We love wiping the drool from your chin. We wait for the day that you can say our names. And another roll-over would be nice, too. No pressure, though.



4 Responses to “Month Three”

  1. leighnut Says:

    Hello readers,

    Can everyone see all of the pictures? There are three that won’t load on my computer, but Rob can see them all on his… weird, I know. Let me know. Thanks.


  2. Stephanie Young Says:

    Hi Kristin,
    I’m able to see all the pictures and they are sooo cute! He’s gotten sooo big! ADORABLE!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. YFA Debbie Says:

    We miss you soooooo much. Can’t wait until the wedding!
    Love you,

  4. Stacey Says:

    I can see them all too…he is such a big, handsome boy! These letters are absolutely precious, Kristin. I hope Sam will be able to read them some day! Can’t wait to see you in two weeks! 🙂

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