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Stinkor August 7, 2008

Filed under: Mom and Dad,Month Three,Neurotic — leighnut @ 5:44 pm

Remember the He-Man character that was a big skunk guy named Stinkor? Yeah, well, that should be my new name. I swear that since Sam’s birth, I have become stinkier. Like BO stink. Is that possible? It must be hormones or the extra weight I’m still carrying around, because my hygiene practices haven’t changed. I may shower a little later in the day than I normally would, but that wouldn’t account for the excess stink.

The reason I’m writing about this is that I tried a new all-natural deodorant. Regular deodorant is bad for our bodies, because of the aluminum in it and blockage of sweat glands, etc., so I thought I would try aluminum-free stuff. I asked Rob to let me know if he noticed a change in my smell with the new deodorant. Here’s our conversation from last night:

K: So can you smell a difference today?
R: Did you use the new deodorant today?
K: I did.
R: Ok, I was wondering because you have more, uh, you smell different.
K: I DO?!? Uuuuuuugggghh!
R: Well, I didn’t know if you used the new stuff so I didn’t want to say anything in case you hadn’t and you smelled —
K: I smell bad!
R: I don’t care! You always smell nice to me. And I couldn’t smell it all the time, just when you were really close to me.
K: [sigh] Ok. Thanks for telling me.

So. It DOES NOT WORK — for me, at least. I am stinky. So I have returned to the aluminum-filled Dove deodorant and I’m not going to worry about it. [sigh]


5 Responses to “Stinkor”

  1. RoseT Says:

    I hardly use deodorant, but I really like Jason (pure, natural and organic) Tea Tree Deodorant that I get from the Co-op. It smells nice and works ( i think).

  2. leighnut Says:

    I’ll have to try it, because the Tom’s deodorant is obviously a bad choice for me! I like the smell of tea tree oil, too.

  3. RoseT Says:

    yes, i remember you using tea tree in high school(?). it’s where i first heard about it. i love the smell too.

  4. leighnut Says:

    Yep. To dry up zits. It works well for that too. Probably under the same principle that it works for deodorant. Maybe?

  5. The Other Half of Kristin's Brain Says:

    Hmmm….I read something not too long ago about body odor changes during “the change.” Not that I think you’re menopausal, but I definitely thinks it’s hormonal. I don’t have a good suggestion for when it will stop, though. And I’m a sweaty pig, so the more aluminum the better for me…and for the benefit of those around me.

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