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Back in the Saddle August 14, 2008

Filed under: Goofball,Month Three,Sam — leighnut @ 2:56 pm

Well, we got back in the car and traveled back to Traverse City for Ken and Gina’s wedding celebration. It turns out that traveling with a 3-month-old is harder than traveling with a 6-week-old. What is normally an 8-hour trip sans baby, turned into a 12-hour trip. I expected that it was going to take longer, like it did earlier in the summer when we drove all over the country. But Sam has learned to be more vocal about his displeasure, whether it is the fact that he is hungry, or that he is So. Sick. Of. His. Carseat. He. Could. Scream. And he does.

We were 45 minutes from TC — the home stretch, if you will — when Sam had a melt down. He was fussy, so I got in the back seat to keep him company. Apparently, it’s worse to see the source of food than to just think about it, and he started wailing. Rob had to pull over while I fed him. We were so close. [sigh] Yesterday, Sam was all out of sorts from the long trip. He was not his smiley self. In fact, I thought for sure that he had left his smiler at home. But today, it has made its return, thank goodness.

The cutest new thing that he does is his fake cry. He will get fussy because he’s hungry, so I’ll take him upstairs to change his diaper before he eats. He will look at me, smile, then start to cry a little, then smile through his cry, remember he was supposed to be upset and cry a little more, then start talking and kicking. And then cry a little more. It’s so funny.

So, we’re in TC until Sunday, when we will make the trek home again. On Wednesday, Sam will have his first airplane trip to Minneapolis for Caitlin and Jon’s wedding. Hopefully, Sam will enjoy the trip and not be bothered by the flight. Never fear, we have earplugs for his tiny drums.


2 Responses to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. erinfrances Says:

    You guys are crazy travelers! We’re taking one trip in September so I’m glad you did it first … I can see what I’m in for. Ha, ha.

  2. leighnut Says:

    We are. It’s actually going to feel good to be home for more than three days in a row after our next trip to Minneapolis, but it’s so much fun!

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