One Fish, Two Fish

Sneaky, Sneaky Baby August 25, 2008

Filed under: Firsts,Goofball,Milestones,Month Three,Sam — leighnut @ 11:26 am

On July 28, while Rob was gone fishing, Sam rolled from his tummy to his back. Rob was so disappointed that he missed it and kiddingly admonished Sam for reaching a milestone while he was gone.

Last night, August 24 (14 weeks, 5 days), Sam rolled from his back to his tummy. While Rob was in the bathroom. We were at the airport in Pittsburgh, having just gotten back from Minneapolis, I had him on his mat on the floor to change his diaper. He was so angry with me for waking him from sleep that he curled up like a little human pill bug and flipped over. He even righted his stuck arm. I thought, “Well that had to be a fluke!” and flipped him back over only to watch him do his pill bug routine again and flip back. I shouted for Rob, who was far away in the bathroom, then called my mom. I couldn’t believe it. Not only had he done the more difficult back-to-front roll, but Rob missed it again! Sneaky, sneaky baby!


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