One Fish, Two Fish

Quivery August 27, 2008

Filed under: Mom and Dad,Month Three,Sam,School Schmool — leighnut @ 12:10 pm

Sam and I went to school today to meet with one of my professors. My plan this semester is to finish the classes that I left last spring in order to tend to my blood pressure. One class is being taught by a new person this semester, and she graciously allowed me to finish my work in her class. Anyway, I walked into her office, she squealed and said, “IjustwashedmyhandscanIholdhim?” All in one breath. She held Sam the whole time we talked and then proceeded to tour him around the office suite, showing him off to her colleagues. It was pretty funny.

I am going to two classes and writing two papers. That’s it. And she said that if I don’t bring Sam to class with me, she will fail me. That’s good, because Sam has to come to class with me, since Rob’s Tuesdays are really busy and he can’t get home in time for me to go. She said she will probably want to hold him the whole class period and I should be ready to give him up at any moment.

She kept smelling his head (he’s due for a bath, FYI) and sighing. At one point she said, “Ah, this smell just makes my uterus quiver. My husband would totally leave me if I had another baby.” She cracks me up.

So all of my classes are set to go. I can get back on track, which will feel good.


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