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Speaking of Solids… September 30, 2008

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The pediatrician told us that we should start feeding Sam cereal about a half hour before he is due to eat, so he doesn’t get so hungry and then frustrated that I’m not nursing him. Last night, Sam took a nap and slept through the time that I had planned to start, and woke up crying and starving. So I fed him, then made cereal to finish off the feeding time. He ate very little, but I wanted to keep the routine going.

Then Rob started playing with him. One of Sam’s favorite games is Superbaby, where we fly him up over our heads. During one of Sam’s flights over Rob’s head, Rob was saying, “Wooooooow!” and Sam puked right into his mouth. Right. Into. His. Mouth. Perfect shot. I wish that I had the video camera going to capture the stunned/sickened look on Rob’s face. It was priceless.

And the funniest thing is that just the other night, I was wondering aloud what one of us would do if Sam puked in our mouths while flying him above our heads. Would we reflexively swallow it? Would we spit it out? Would we, in turn, puke? Rob’s response: hand the baby over and spit it into the nearest glass. And swish and spit with clean, cold water many many times.


Solids Gold

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On Sunday, Sam had a little rice cereal for the first time. He has been watching us eat (staring us down would be more accurate) for weeks and we finally felt bad enough about it that we went and bought some organic rice cereal. (You should have seen Sam staring at the pudding pop my mom was eating the other night. He looked forlorn. It was very sad and very cute.)

He sat in his Bumbo chair on the dining room table, got strapped into his bib (which was Very! Cool! Iwanttograbitallthetime!), and took his first tastes. It was all a little anticlimactic, since he ate very well and didn’t spit it all over. He was able to get in almost all of the cereal I had made (1 T. cereal, 4 T. warm water) before making a scrunched-up face signaling the end of his eating session.

Rob, my mom, and I were all laughing the whole time, because it was so cute. But he did a great job. I think he was ready. (That was my biggest fear, that I’d push it on him, because I wanted him to be ready even though he wasn’t, and then he would be resistant to it.)


OxiClean Baby September 28, 2008

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Dear Everyone Who Has A Baby,

You must invest in a large tub of OxiClean Baby for all of your poop stain needs. Soaking baby clothes in two scoops and cold water before putting them through the washing machine is essential to the removal of said poop stains. Take it from me: my baby pooped through three outfits yesterday. I know, I know, it’s hard to want to support Billy Mays, the annoying OxiClean man, in the hopes that he will disappear from the airwaves, but this stuff is the absolute best thing ever. In the laundry department. Not the best thing in life. There are more important things in life, like family and friends and ice cream.

Sam I Am


Q: How Can You Tell When My Mom Comes To Visit?

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A: When the blog posts completely stop!

My mom has been here since Wednesday and we’ve been having a grand old time. We went into Shadyside, a cute little neighborhood in Pittsburgh (Minneapolis people: think Uptown) to do some shopping, went to Ligonier to do some more shopping, and are going to the pumpkin patch this afternoon. Rob surprised us and came home early from his conference (and nearly scared us to death. Who is shutting the basement door and how did they get in??), so we’re going to go to the patch/farmer’s market to see how the pumpkins look and check out the produce. It’s going to be great. I’m sure there will be propping of babies up on hay bales and picture-taking and finding pumpkins as big as Sam. You know, the regular “oooh our baby has never done this before we should get it on film to commemorate this special event in his life” moment. A daily event in this house.

It’s always so fun to have my mommy come. There’s never going to be a day where I don’t want to hang out with her. She’s pretty fun, if you didn’t know it already. And now I have immortalized that fact for eternity on the World Wide Web. So there.


Happy National Punctuation Day! September 24, 2008

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Now that’s the holiday for me!


Oooh, The Shiny Silver Thing Is Back! September 23, 2008

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Last night, we got the best video of Sam in his new exersaucer (now called a stationary entertainer), just laughing hysterically. I know I shouldn’t taunt you with the fact that we have it here and you, Internet, do not yet have it. It’s just that Rob’s hard drive ground to a halt and had to be replaced, and we haven’t had a chance to reload the camcorder software back onto the computer. But — good news — Dave from Some Kind of Wonderland has walked me through how to embed the video right into Sam I Am, so you don’t have to link to another site. How great is that going to be?? Awesome, I know.

In other news, Sam’s had a fever off and on since his vaccine on Friday. I expected it, since it has happened the last two times, but I am still slightly neurotic. I brought Sam upstairs last night and asked Rob how long his fevers lasted last time because I feel like they’re going on too long and he’s probably got some sort of plague and soon his skin is going to slough off. Imagine, that’s the slightly neurotic version!

Speaking of sloughing, the whole top layer of my tongue sloughed off last week. It was the weirdest thing. After running through some possibilities in my head, I have decided it’s from the salt and vinegar chips I ate last week. Those must have been some strong chips.