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Month Four September 13, 2008

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Dear Sam,

You’re napping right now. You’ve been asleep for over an hour, which is an absolute miracle. Naps are not your strong suit, to put it mildly. This month, you’ve decided that it’s more fun to be awake than asleep, lest you miss anything. During the day, I feel lucky if you sleep long enough that I can take a shower and dry my hair. Fortunately, you’re cute, so I don’t hold it against you.

This month you are busy busy busy! You have learned to roll from your back to your tummy, which means we can’t keep you on your back. As soon as I put you down, you flip over and look up at me — self-made tummy time! This is ever so cute. I love to go into your room to get you in the morning to see you on your stomach, looking up at me. I say, “Good morning, Sam,” and you grin at me and I just melt. You are adorable.

I’ve made use of all of your toys, rotating them in and out of the toy basket to keep you interested. You definitely have favorites. I think your polka-dot crinkle paper is #1, closely followed by the Frog Prince. Your legs are still very strong. Daddy has seen you pull your knees up under your body and launch yourself to a toy that’s out of your reach. How did you figure that out? You’re very smart, Sam. The absolute best part of tummy time now (can you hear the dripping sarcasm?), is seeing you puke, then stick your face and hands in it, because that must be fun, right? Fortunately, you still love bath time. In fact, you’re a maniac, maaaaa-ni-ac in the tub! And your new trick is to turn your head and stick your face in the water. I can’t decide if you think it’s fun or not, but you keep trying it. And I keep wiping your watery eye.

Despite all of the tummy time you create for yourself, your interest in being on the floor doesn’t last long. You would much rather be standing. On our laps, on the floor, on the table, on the counter, at the store, in the pouch, you don’t care as long as you’re standing up.

We got you a Bumbo chair to help. You sit alone in your chair on the kitchen floor playing with toys while I make dinner. Even if it’s your second choice of sitting, you prefer to be upright. I can’t wait for the day that your abdominal muscles are strong enough to help you sit on your own. Your mind wants it, you just have to wait until your body catches up.

Sam, I have a feeling that you’re pretty smart. Just this week you’ve started to pee on me — on purpose. I take off your diaper to change it, you grin at me, and let loose a stream of pee. Three times in a row is no fluke! You love to read books, too. Let me rephrase: you love to be read to. You have the attention span to sit through Make Way for Ducklings, which I think is remarkable, considering the length of that book. Your favorites seem to be The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Baby’s First Animals, and Corduroy. It has been so fun for me, too, to revisit some of my favorite books from when I was little. I hope that our reading time will instill in you a love to read when you are older.

Your hands are constantly in your mouth. You drool like it’s your job. Therefore, you are always damp. Yesterday, we were shopping at IKEA and you were hanging out (literally) in the Baby Bjorn. By the time we got you out, the entire front of the Bjorn was soaked. You had sucked and licked it into total swampiness. I used to change your outfit when you drooled yourself into a drippy mess. Now, I just stick a bib on you to give you another surface to soil, letting your outfit dry out. I know, bad, lazy mommy.

Sam, we love to see your personality bloom as you get older. You are such a smiley, easygoing, and good-natured little guy. We have heard your laugh this month (causing us to act like idiots trying to get you to laugh) and heard you experimenting with new sounds as you babble. We love that you look for us when we enter the room and smile when we greet you. You know our faces and our voices, and we know that you’re wordlessly loving us with your gaze. We, in turn, smother you in kisses and squeezes, and tell you many times a day how much we love you. You have now been part of our hearts for a year (since I peed on that stick many moons ago) and part of our days for a third of that time. We are lucky, so lucky, that it is you that has blessed our lives with your presence. You are my best boy, Sam.



4 Responses to “Month Four”

  1. Jenn Trentadue Says:

    Hey you, whenever I have a minute I try to look up your website and see how you guys are doing. Unfortunately it is not very often, but it is always very entertaining!!!!

    I think my hair has finally stopped falling out in clumps, just here and there. Haven’t seen Nicholas since before the baby because he is so far to schedule into a day, but I have had it cut once or twice!!!

    Sam is adorable! What is your work and school plan now? Drop me an email me when you have time, I know how hard it can be some days, but I am impressed you are able to keep up with this!!!

    Liam is growing so quickly, he has almost four teeth (fun for breast feeding) and crawls in a somewhat unconventional way, but loves to get around. He is eating all kinds of baby food, but it took him awhile to really get into it. He isn’t the best napper either but he is slowly getting the hang of it(might have something to do with his expanding diet)!!! I am so happy to hear things are going so great! jenn

  2. RoseT Says:

    What cuuuutttee pictures! I think he’s looks more like you than when I saw him in July.

  3. leighnut Says:

    Thanks, Rose! He is changing every day. It’s remarkable, really. I hope you’re feeling settled in SB!

  4. Amber Says:

    I just came across this page. I just want to say your letter to your son brought me to tears because it was just so sweet. I hope when I have children someday I remember to write them letters, too.

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