One Fish, Two Fish

Solids Gold September 30, 2008

Filed under: Firsts,Milestones,Month Four,Sam — leighnut @ 4:05 pm

On Sunday, Sam had a little rice cereal for the first time. He has been watching us eat (staring us down would be more accurate) for weeks and we finally felt bad enough about it that we went and bought some organic rice cereal. (You should have seen Sam staring at the pudding pop my mom was eating the other night. He looked forlorn. It was very sad and very cute.)

He sat in his Bumbo chair on the dining room table, got strapped into his bib (which was Very! Cool! Iwanttograbitallthetime!), and took his first tastes. It was all a little anticlimactic, since he ate very well and didn’t spit it all over. He was able to get in almost all of the cereal I had made (1 T. cereal, 4 T. warm water) before making a scrunched-up face signaling the end of his eating session.

Rob, my mom, and I were all laughing the whole time, because it was so cute. But he did a great job. I think he was ready. (That was my biggest fear, that I’d push it on him, because I wanted him to be ready even though he wasn’t, and then he would be resistant to it.)


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