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Happy Halloweeeeeen! October 31, 2008

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We’ve had a great day here on Center Avenue, getting ready for Halloween. We started by carving pumpkins on the back porch. Here’s me putting the face on the baby pumpkin:

Rob carved and hollowed out the pumpkins. I am the designer. It’s a nice divvying up of the jack o’ lantern duties. Sam was an excellent supervisor from his blanket on the lawn. Notice how hot (or, um, silly) he looks in that blue hat that’s waaaay too small for him now.

Here are the finished products. We’re all especially proud of the big pumpkin.

Then we dressed Sam up in his blackmail Halloween costume. Here he is as a forlorn carrot:

Don’t worry, he perked up. Now he’s a happy carrot:

Tons of candy gives a carrot a sugar rush.

And then makes the carrot crash. Hard core.

We had only 118 trick-or-treaters. We planned for about 200. There are five huge unopened bags of candy ready to be returned to Target. The last half hour we were pleading with the kids to please take big handfuls of candy from the bowl. Fortunately, Rob has many students that would love to take the extra candy off our hands.

Happy Halloween everyone. We hope you didn’t get gut rot from sampling from the bowl all night…


Babies Are Babe Magnets October 29, 2008

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If I had left my wedding ring at home, I think I could have gotten a lot of phone numbers at the airport during my travels. That little baby is a total babe magnet! (Just kidding. Love you Rob!) Actually, that’s not true at all. He is a stranger magnet. I can’t even begin to tell you how many strangers came up to me to talk to, stare at, or touch Sam. I was wearing him in the Bjorn, carrying lots of stuff and therefore totally defenseless against the dirty hands coming at the baby. 🙂

The whole travel process to and from Appleton went very smoothly. Sam did really well. I was only irritated once. On the 20-minute flight from Milwaukee to Appleton, the man who sat in front of me remarked to his seat mate, “Oh great, this is going to be a long flight,” motioning with his head to Sam and me getting situated in the seat behind him. I wanted to smack him on the back of his fat, bald head to thank him not only for his rudeness, but for not using his inside voice. Everyone knows it can be annoying to travel near babies and small children, but it’s more stressful for the parent(s) of those children. To Captain Rude Man’s credit, as soon as we landed, he turned to me and said, “What a good baby.” Damn straight! Sam slept the whole time. I thanked him and he commented on how cute he is. I wanted to throw a blanket over his face and say, “You don’t DESERVE to see his cute little mug, you bad bad man!” But what good would that do at 11:00 at night in a small space? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.


You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

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We’re back. We had a wonderful trip. I forgot my camera. Pete promised me he would email me the cute pictures he took of our children. More later!


Today, We Fly October 22, 2008

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Sam and I are going to Appleton today. We are doing it alone, without Rob (I really wish you could come, Rob. I miss you already!). Quite a challenge. All day today I have been imagining me dragging the suitcase, the diaper bag balancing on top, Sam in the Bjorn, hanging like a beetle from my chest, while I try not to smack him with the car seat that I am lugging over my arm. It’s gonna be a pretty sight. But it will be worth it to see that little Sophie while she’s still pink and squishy!

Here’s how Sam feels about the trip:


He’s Got The Beat October 20, 2008

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Sam has started beating everything in sight. When he’s playing on his tummy, he smacks the floor with his hand. In fact, last night, while Sam kept a steady quarter note beat, Rob did some fancy percussion moves. Sam loved it. When he’s nursing he beats his fist on my shoulder or face, whatever he can reach. And you’d think the exersaucer had wronged him in some way. He bangs on the animal sounds panel with his whole forearm, making it moo and quack and woof. He just needs to be able to sit up on his own and we can get out the pots and pans! I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a destroyer.


Surrender Your Booty! October 18, 2008

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Midwest Express

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Sam is so excited to meet his new baby cousin, Sophia, next week. I am taking him on a solo flight (yikes!) to Appleton next week to see Pete and Christine — and the new baby! I’m a little nervous about traveling on my own with Sam, but it must be done. I think once I’m in the airport, it will be fine. It’s the getting from car to shuttle to gate that will be the trick. Thank goodness for rolling suitcases and the Baby Bjorn.

Sam and I have started talking about how it is imperative that he behave while traveling alone with Mommy. He knows that if he doesn’t behave, we will withhold his allowance. He’s saving up for a set of blocks, so he’s motivated to do well. 🙂