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Happy Halloweeeeeen! October 31, 2008

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We’ve had a great day here on Center Avenue, getting ready for Halloween. We started by carving pumpkins on the back porch. Here’s me putting the face on the baby pumpkin:

Rob carved and hollowed out the pumpkins. I am the designer. It’s a nice divvying up of the jack o’ lantern duties. Sam was an excellent supervisor from his blanket on the lawn. Notice how hot (or, um, silly) he looks in that blue hat that’s waaaay too small for him now.

Here are the finished products. We’re all especially proud of the big pumpkin.

Then we dressed Sam up in his blackmail Halloween costume. Here he is as a forlorn carrot:

Don’t worry, he perked up. Now he’s a happy carrot:

Tons of candy gives a carrot a sugar rush.

And then makes the carrot crash. Hard core.

We had only 118 trick-or-treaters. We planned for about 200. There are five huge unopened bags of candy ready to be returned to Target. The last half hour we were pleading with the kids to please take big handfuls of candy from the bowl. Fortunately, Rob has many students that would love to take the extra candy off our hands.

Happy Halloween everyone. We hope you didn’t get gut rot from sampling from the bowl all night…


One Response to “Happy Halloweeeeeen!”

  1. G/G Peavler Says:

    Thanks for sharing your Halloween 2008 in pictures and words. What fun! You’re a talented and beautiful family! Those pumpkins were great, and Sam….you take our breath away!

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