One Fish, Two Fish

Be All That You Can Be November 10, 2008

Filed under: Firsts,Milestones,Mom and Dad,Month Five,Mushy,Sam — leighnut @ 6:48 pm

We’ve returned from Gettysburg. It was so fun! As Rob said, it’s so nice to be in a place that has so much history, and a distinct style and identity because of it. We hiked around the battlefields, went on a couple of ghost tours, checked out the new stores downtown, and ate at some of our favorite restaurants. More on the trip later…

Here’s the real news. On Saturday, Sam army-crawled forward toward a toy that was out of his reach. It was amazing. He had such a look of determination on his face. I got teary. (If I get teary watching him figure out forward motion, imagine what a puddle I will be when he goes to kindergarten!) We didn’t capture it on video, because we were frozen, watching him pull himself forward with his arms. I was so happy to be there with Rob, in our Cricket House, watching our baby learning about his world. I can’t imagine anything more fun than that.


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