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Ghosts and Gettysburg November 11, 2008

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We had a ton of fun in Gettysburg. It gets dark so early, that lots of our pictures are night shots. Here is Sam, taking control of the artillery on Culp’s Hill (which happens to be a rather haunted site on the battlefields. Ooooooh!).


Speaking of haunted, here’s a picture of Rob and Sam. (Rob is sporting his ultra-cool headlight, that actually came in handy when we sneaked into the park after hours.) Notice the circle above Rob’s head. That’s called an orb. If you believe in ghosts and other paranormal things (which I do, don’t think differently of me!), this orb is a manifestation of a spirit. I don’t know very much about this stuff, but I do know that I am fascinated by the prospect that there may be dead soldiers watching over the battlefields where they met their demise. Anyway, here are Rob and Sam, looking all cute.


And here’s a failed family photo using the stretch-out-your-arm-and-try-to-get-everyone-in-the-picture method. I still think it’s cute.


Friday night, we went on a ghost tour. We’ve officially been on every ghost tour this company provides, with the exception of the bus tour. The tours are lead by storytellers who entertain the group with tales of ghostly activity in the city of Gettysburg. Our Friday tour took us to the Lutheran Seminary campus, where our guide told stories about the hauntings on the campus. We (ok, I) took lots of pictures trying to capture orbs, because it’s fun to try to spook yourself. Here are two pictures, taken right after the other. I think you’ll be able to see what showed up in the picture.

img_1137 img_1138

As you can see, Sam enjoyed the ghost tour.


The next day, we hiked up Big Round Top on the battlefields. There are two Round Tops (big hills). Little Round Top is more touristy, but has a beautiful view of the countryside. Big Round Top is very wooded and more “off the beaten path” and very nice to walk up to the top. We strapped Sam into the Bjorn and took off up the hill. Here’s Rob and Sam at the top. Sam was happy to be hiking, though you couldn’t tell from this expression.


That night, we went into the park after hours to walk around. It was a beautiful night, just perfect for a walk. Plus, we had eaten a gigantic dinner and needed to walk some of it off. Sam was along for the ride. I swear he’s in there. Look closely…


And Rob found a friend…


We both had a couple of times where we got chills down our backs and felt creepy. It was awesome. I told Rob, I would give my left kidney to see a ghost. I think it would be so cool. I know there are lots of people out there that would disagree with me, but I think it would be incredible.

On Sunday, we went back into the park to Little Round Top. Sam and I stayed on top, by the rocks, while Rob hiked around the hill. It was too cold and windy for Sam to be out in the Bjorn. And we took a picture to prove to Sam that he was actually there.


Then we let Sam drive home.



4 Responses to “Ghosts and Gettysburg”

  1. abigail Says:

    What a fun trip? I think I saw a ghost in the West theatre catwalks once. But who knows…

  2. abigail Says:

    oh, that was supposed to be:
    “What a fun trip!”

    No question about it! (:

  3. Rich Says:

    What a great trip. Your family knows how to have an eerily good time! Thanks for sharing the pics and the stories.

  4. Annalise Says:

    This is my Favorite! Keep it forever! Love –

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