One Fish, Two Fish

What Is It About The Midwest? December 3, 2008

Every time we visit the good states of the Midwest, Sam finds something new and cute to do. For example, while we were in Stevens Point, Sam learned how to clap. He was sitting on Drew’s lap while all the adults were sitting around talking, when all of a sudden, he started clapping! Of course, that prompted the whole room to start clapping and cheering. Sam was thrilled. Now, he claps every day, many times a day, and loves it when we clap with him and say, “yaaaaaay!”


Next, in Minnetonka, Sam found his vowels. He’s been doing a lot of “Mmmmmm” and “MBPDNT,” but on Friday, Sam finally opened his mouth and said, “aaaah!” It was great. Except we can’t shut him up now. It’s vowels all day long. He loves it. We love it. It’s so fun to see him learn all these new things.


So, we’re excited to go back in a couple of weeks for Christmas and New Year’s and see what milestones the Midwest brings Sam for Christmas.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful trip. We had so much fun!


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