One Fish, Two Fish

Squinchy Face December 7, 2008

Filed under: Goofball,Month Six,Sam — leighnut @ 4:21 pm

Over the past few days, Sam has figured out that his face does other things than smile. He has been squinting his eyes and doing a sort of pushing-out-his-lips grimace/smile. It’s really funny. And of course I can’t get it on camera, because he does it at very random times, and then only once. This is just more proof that I think he’s going to be a pretty funny little kid.

In other news, I think some teeth may be on the horizon. He seems to prefer gnawing on the plastic parts of his toys, the drool has picked up again, and he gnashes his gums together every so often. I don’t feel any little buds yet, but I don’t think they’re too far away.

[Side note: Doesn’t the word ‘gnash’ look funny? It’s a wonder that people ever learn to speak English correctly, what with the crazy words we call our own.]


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