One Fish, Two Fish

Here We Come A-Wassailing December 9, 2008

Filed under: Giving,Goofball,Mom and Dad,Month Six,Random Acts of Kindness,Sam — leighnut @ 12:48 pm

Tomorrow night, Rob and I are hosting a caroling party at our house for Rob’s studio. There are about twelve kids planning on coming, though there are couple who have to see how finals studying goes before committing. Both Rob and I are very excited about it. We had a cookout this fall for his studio that was really fun. I am making cookies, Rob is making fudge, we will have sloppy joes for dinner and then go caroling. We’ll come back for hot chocolate afterward, hang out a little and then they’ll go home. Of course, we’re all music nerds, so the caroling will be in four parts. And we will rehearse beforehand, so we sound amazing. 🙂

Sam’s all excited because he’s going to wear his reindeer slippers from Debbie. He loves those things — he can’t believe he gets to have such fun toys on his feetsies.


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