One Fish, Two Fish

Traverse City Christmas January 8, 2009

The Christmas saga continues…

On the 26th, we loaded up the car and headed to TC for second Christmas. The drive was actually smooth, considering it was December and weather in the Upper Peninsula is always iffy in the winter. We got there in the evening and had a major present-wrapping extravaganza, courtesy of all the willing babysitters in the house. Everyone was there: Bob and Muriel, Ken and Gina, Rich and Chris, and Kim, Matt, and Andrew. And there was a puzzle out. You may not know this about me, but I LOVE doing puzzles. But I managed to stay away from the puzzle table until all of the wrapping was done.

“Christmas morning” in TC was a whirlwind of unwrapping and chasing the army-crawler around to remove bits of paper from his chipmunk cheeks. Sam was again in heaven with all the paper and boxes. His favorite gift was a jingle bell on a loop that he shakes and shakes, beaming as it rings. (At home, when he shakes it, I say, “ding a ling a ling!” and he grins. It’s our new game.) Rob tried to get pictures, but Sam was not into it. He was more into chewing gift bags and trying to steal the shiny silver thing from Rob’s hands:


Andrew did his very best to hold Sam on a number of occasions. Sam is not so much into sitting still anymore, but he did his best. Andrew did a good job of keeping a tight hold on the wiggly baby.


Ken and Gina taught Sam how to climb stairs. They thought it would be soooo cute for Sam to learn it. When I came around the corner and saw what Sam had learned, my first reaction was, “Nooooooo!” But they worked really hard and Sam was so pleased that I quickly changed my tune. Here’s Gina with Sam on said stairs, admiring the garland:


Grandpa P read books with Sam, who was very happy to help by turning the pages.


We had a quiet new year celebration with just Bob and Muriel and the three of us. We watched Dick Clark’s triumphant return to the ball-dropping celebration, but mostly watched Sam try to pull himself up on the coffee table or the TV stand or our legs. We are thankful for 2008 and all of the adventure and joy that it has brought us. And we look forward to 2009, a year full of baby boy bumps and bruises, firsts steps and words — and more date nights for the grown-ups.


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