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Stand and Deliver… Or Drool. Whatever. January 11, 2009

Filed under: Firsts,Goofball,Milestones,Mom and Dad,Month Seven,Mushy,Photo,Sam — leighnut @ 10:02 pm

Sam has officially mastered the great feat of pulling himself up to his feet. And he loves to do it any chance he can get. I don’t know why we have toys for him, because all he wants to do is stand and grab things off the coffee table.

Here’s how I found him last Thursday when he was supposed to be napping:


Notice the proud grin. He was so happy to be standing there. In fact, when I found him, I said, “Sam, stay there, I’m going to get the camera.” He stood there and waited for me to come back. I’m sure he was grinning the whole time.

I love that little monkey.


One Response to “Stand and Deliver… Or Drool. Whatever.”

  1. Britta Bergman Says:

    Yay Sam! I’m so proud of you! I can’t believe how big he’s getting…
    Thank you for the birthday wishes today! Love and miss you all 🙂

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