One Fish, Two Fish

Earth’s Best Baby Food January 17, 2009

Filed under: Mom and Dad,Month Eight,Product Placement — leighnut @ 11:24 pm

It’s time, once again, for another casual product review. Sam has been eating organic baby food pretty much exclusively. I’ve been making food in the Beaba Babycook and also buying organic pre-made food for him. He’d been eating a lot of Gerber food and enjoying it. And then one day, Toy R Us was having a sale on the Earth’s Best organic food. We got a few jars for him, thinking that having more options would be nice. That evening I gave Sam some Summer Vegetable Dinner and he couldn’t get it in his mouth fast enough. He was getting impatient as I scooped more up in the spoon. I’ve never seen him look so longingly at pureed vegetables before. There’s something different about the Earth’s Best. It’s smoother. And the correct color. Green beans are green. (Snozzberries taste like snozzberries!) Bright green. Not a weird brownish olive green.

So tonight, we went to Babies R Us (bigger selection!) and stocked up on some more jars. Sam had apples and apricots tonight with multigrain cereal and lapped it up as fast as he could. Thank you, Earth’s Best, for some great options for Sam — in all the right colors.


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